Conditions of Use


The order can be registered on the site only if you have clearly identified by the entry of your customer number or your email address and your password.

After placing your order we send you, by email, an acknowledgment of receipt including a summary of the items ordered and the delivery address.


To take advantage of promotional offers, calculate each reduction in the amount of your order without accumulating it with other discounts. Discounts are applied pro rata on each product.

Home delivery

home delivery all over tunisia

Any order delivered with carrier will, as a rule, be delivered in 3 working days, from the date of the order.

You can define the place of delivery of your order: at home, at the office, at a third party, at the place of holidays, etc.


within 3 days after receiving the package at home, dreams fashion exchange or refund an item if it does not give you complete satisfaction, except the personalized items or made on request.

Some textile items come with security seals that it is imperative to leave when fitting. Any item returned without its security seal can not be refunded or exchanged.

Items returned incomplete, damaged, damaged or soiled by customers are not returned.


To facilitate the processing of claims for any out-of-warranty transactions, it is preferable that you show up within one month.


Dreamsfashion is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals and the confidentiality of the information provided.

The information and data about you, requested by dreamsfashion, responsible for processing, are necessary for the registration and tracking of your order,).

Depending on your choices during the creation or consultation of your account, you will be likely to receive offers from our company as well as partners. If you do not wish, you can ask us.

If you contact our customer service, the advisor will access your personal file directly through your phone number. The latter appears temporarily on his workstation. Your call is likely to be registered for the purpose of improving the quality of service, if you do not want it, tell us.

If you have difficulty navigating our site, we will offer a chat service and online help if you click on the button "ask your question" or "I need help" present on the Cart pages, identification, delivery or payment.

A customer service representative will be able to exchange with you thanks to an instant messenger and he will be able to have access to the pages which you visualize in order to bring you an adapted help. This access will only take place once you have accepted this possibility.